User Agreement

Welcome to LoadMaster.

When you use LoadMaster, it means that you have accepted the following terms. If you do not agree to the following terms, please stop using LoadMaster.

1. Trail

After registering a LoadMaster account, you can use all the functions of the product through a pay-per-use method. If you want to trial our service for free, you must provide relevant qualification materials according to the requirements of Beijing LoadMaster Software Co., Ltd.. No matter you are pay-per-use, trial, or annual use, you can enter the company's real data.

When the trial expires, Beijing LoadMaster Software Co., Ltd. has the right to unilaterally terminate the trial.

2. Confidentiality

LoadMaster promises to keep the user data strictly confidential, and not to disclose Party A's data to any unit or individual. LoadMaster also has the right to modify its confidentiality and security regulations.

The obligation of confidentiality does not apply to the following information: ①The information has already become known to the public not for the reason of Beijing LoadMaster Software Co., Ltd. (referred to as our company) ; ②The information has been obtained by others through other channels other than our company, and these channels are not restricted by confidentiality obligations; ③Information has been disclosed due to the application of laws, courts or other state authorities' requirements; ④The fact that the user is using or has used LoadMaster.

3. Use permission

It is forbidden to sell, resell or copy, develop the trial permissions of LoadMaster, and imitate LoadMaster's service for commercial purposes; it is forbidden to copy and imitate LoadMaster's design concepts, interfaces, functions and diagrams. You can only use it within your company. It is forbidden to send peddling information and information that violates the law, and it is prohibited to send and store viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other harmful computer codes, files, scripts and programs.

4. Responsibility

You are responsible for any actions that occur under your account and abide by local and national laws and regulations.

In order to assist you using LoadMaster, we will send you some tutorial emails on how to use LoadMaster.

5. Account information and data

LoadMaster is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability, legality of the information you input, and the loss of data.

After the expire of your trial account, LoadMaster has no responsibility or obligation to store any data entered during the trial period.

6. Intellectual Property

Beijing LoadMaster Software Co., Ltd. completely owns all the intellectual property rights of LoadMaster. The name and LOGO of LoadMaster are already trademarks of our company, which cannot be used without authorization.

7. Guarantee terms

The terms in this agreement are bound by law. Both parties must ensure that they have the legal authority to agree to this agreement. You must guarantee that you will not get the trial service of LoadMaster with false information and identity.

8.Internet delay

LoadMaster may have limitations, delays and other problems due to inherent deficiencies in the Internet and electronic communications. LoadMaster is not responsible for any delays, delivery failures or other losses caused by these problems.

9. Revision of terms

LoadMaster has the right to revise the terms of this agreement at any time. If you continue to use LoadMaster after any revisions have occurred, you will be deemed to have accepted these revisions.

If you have any questions about this agreement or want more information, please E-mail to

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