Stack Code

The stack code can be used to limit the total number of layers when different cargoes are stacked on each other. If we set the same stack code and the same max stack for different cargoes, LoadMaster can treat them as the same kind of cargoes to calculate the number of stacking layers.

For example: It is required that Cargo 1 and Cargo 2 should not stack more than 4 layers, whether stacked on their own or on each other.

If we only set the max stack of cargoes 1, 2 to “4”, the effect is that the cargoes 1, 2 stack themselves no more than 4 layers, but they will stack each other, the number of total layers will exceed 4 layers. LoadMaster calculates the number of stacking layers only for each cargo, as shown in the figure

So we need to set the stack code:

(1) Set a same “stack code” for cargoes 1 and 2 (the stack code can be numbers or letters or Chinese characters, as long as they are the same), and set “max stack” of each cargo to “4”.

(2)On the page of [Loading Rules], select the [Methods for calculate max stack] as [Cargoes with the same stacking code is used as the same type to calculate the max stack].

The partial result of loading plan is shown in the figure: Cargo 1 and Cargo 2 are stacked no more than 4 layers, no matter on their own or on each other.

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