3.3 Sharing Loading Plan to Mobile Platforms

LoadMaster can display the loading plan on mobile phones and iPads. It supports gestures for zoom in and out. You can share loading plan to friends and colleagues, quickly locate the location of cargoes, facilitating customs inspection, and improving customs clearance speed. To share a task:

  • After the audit of loading plans, click [Share Task] on the top of the 3D picture.

  • Select the language in the combo box, then scan the QR code by mobile phone to view the plan, or email the plan to colleagues or customers.

  • After scanning the QR code or clicking the plan link, the phone will display the loading overview, including the task name, [Loading Steps], [Cargo List] , [Cargo Trace] and [Settings].

  • Click [Loading Steps], you can see the usage of the containers. Click each container to see the corresponding 3D loading images and loading steps.

  • Clicking [Cargo Trace], you can quickly locate the cargo(the traced cargo is emphasized by white lines), which could facilitate customs inspection and improve customs clearance speed.

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