6.2 Are the loading rules defined correctly?

1. If you want the same goods to be placed together as much as possible, please set [Place the same cargoes next to each other] under [Stacking Method] in [Loading Rules] page. And pay attention to set the [cross depth] at the same time.

2. The [cross depth] should be set under two business scenarios of "the same products are placed next to each other" or “loaded in sequence” (that is, the "loading sequence" is set). In general, the larger the [cross depth] value, the higher the loading rate. If you calculate based on the system's default value of 200CM, and some space is not fully utilized, please remember to modify the [cross depth] value to be larger.

3. If the length of some loading blocks is too long, please check the [Limit section size] and set the [Max section size] in the [loading rules] page.

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