4.6 Loading Plan

The page for [Loading Plan] is mainly to show the result of the plan:

1)There is a list of used containers on the left. You can see what size of containers are used and how many of each.

2)After clicking a container name, you can see the 3D image of the corresponding container in the middle of the page.

3)The right side of the figure are the cargo statistics, loading steps and balance analysis of the current container.

4)You can see the quantity, volume, volume usage rate, weight, weight usage rate and surplus of length, width and height of the container in the lower left corner of the figure.

5)There is a play button in the upper left corner of the 3D image. You can check the loading steps step by step. You can also view container from some specific directions, such as top view and back view. Click on a loading block, you can see the cargo name, load orientation, stacking method (rows, columns, layers and total quantity), cargo size, space range and related parameters of the loading block.

6)Below the play button, you can choose whether to show the cargo name, sealing line and center of gravity(COG) in the 3D diagram.

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