The group is used to define that certain cargoes cannot be mixed in one container, or that certain cargoes are not divided into multiple containers as far as possible. The name of the group can be Chinese characters, numbers, letters, and combinations of them.

(1) Restrict cargoes cannot be mixed. For example: cargoes A, B and cargoes C, D cannot be mixed.

Set the group name of A and B to "1", set the group name of C and D to 2, and uncheck "Allow different groups of cargoes to be mixed in one container" on the [Loading Rules] page, i.e. not allow different groups of cargoes to be mixed.

The result is: Cargo A, B and Cargo C, D are not mixed.

(2) Restrict the cargoes not to be loaded into multiple containers as much as possible. For example: cargoes A and B belong to different orders, and we require the cargoes in the same order to be placed on the same pallet as much as possible.

Set the “group name” of cargo A to “1” and cargo B to “2”, and check [Minimize the number of containers which load cargoes from the same group] on the [Loading Rules] page.

The result is:

If you do not define this rule, the result is:

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