5.1.2 How to elude corner castings

The corner castings are two fasteners at the top corners of the container. Although they occupy only a small amount of space in the container, the container will often be too empty or too full to load all goods due to the underestimation of the size of corner fittings by experienced personnel. LoadMaster can automatically avoid the corner castings when optimizing the plan, which only needs the user to set the size of the corner castings.

Step 1: After logging in, the browser will jump to the [Tasks] page. You can choose appropriate task type according to your demand (For more details, please refer to “Task Types” ) and click in.

Step 2: Add cargoes on the [cargo] page by adding directly or importing in batches, details please refer to “Methods of Adding Cargoes”.

Step 3: On the [Container] page, click [Import from Database] to add the required container (the commonly used container information has been stored in the database, of course, you can also edit the container information in the database). And then define the corner casting size as 10CM*10CM*10CM, as shown in the figure:

Step 4: Enter the [Loading Rules] interface, if there are no other loading requirements, you can directly click [next stage] .

Step 5: Click the [Loading Plan] to view the 3D diagram.

After the calculation, it can be shown in the 3D stereogram that the goods automatically avoid the corner castings in the loading plan.


1) The system's default value for container corner is zero, and users can fill in according to the actual size. The general container corner size is about 10CM, and generally does not exceed 15CM.

2)When setting the size of the container corner, please note that the value should match the selected length unit. For example, for a 10CM corner, if you usually use mm units before, please amend the unit to mm, and then input 100. LoadMaster supports automatic conversion of English and metric units.

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