4.9.2 Minimum floor area coverage

The minimum floor area coverage refers to the user's minimum acceptable ratio between the bottom area of a layer of cargoes and the bottom area of the pallet.

When the coverage of a layer of cargoes reaches the minimum floor area coverage, the current layer is regarded as a fully covered layer.

In the following example, the minimum floor area coverage set by the user is 82%.

(1) The bottom green cargoes has reached the requirement of 82% floor area coverage, so they are placed as a layer.

(2) The gray cargoes in the middle has also reached the requirement of 82%, so they are placed as a layer.

(3) However, when the floor area coverage ratio of the upper layer (middle gray cargo layer) is greater than the coverage rate of the lower layer (green cargo layer), the phenomenon of overhang will appear.

(5)Although there are vacancies and dangling in the side and corner, in actual operation such situations can be prevented by dispersing and adding buffers.

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