4.11 Generate Loading Report

After the audit of designed plan, you can download the loading report to make packing list and customs declaration. The loading report includes: summary, list of loaded units, trace of cargoes, details of loaded cargo and layered display, users can follow your need to download.

Summary: the overview of loading in each container, which includes a 3D overview diagram with the loading results, the volume utilization rate, weight utilization rate, number of loaded goods, total volume and total weight of the goods, the remaining length in the length, width and height direction, and a list of the loaded goods for each container.

List of loaded units: the data of the usage of each container, including the volume utilization rate and weight utilization rate of each container, the number of loaded goods, the total volume and weight of the goods, and the remaining length in the length, width and height directions.

Trace of cargoes: cargo loading tracking, you can check which container the goods are loaded in and how many cargoes are loaded, and it also contains the loading list of all goods, whether there is leftover, and how much leftover.

Details of loaded cargo: the loading details of the cargo, you can check which cargo is loaded in which step, how to place it, the number of rows and columns and the placement location and space occupation in the container.

Layered display: the plan view of each layer in the container.

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