1 Brief Introduction to LoadMaster

LoadMaster is a container loading software, which is easy to use and can help you plan loading online. LoadMaster can generate step-by-step load plan with the best 3D visualization. LoadMaster is a software for intelligent loading, which could be used for the design and optimization of various loading plans, such as container loading, truck/train loading, carton loading and pallet loading, etc. LoadMaster aims to provide customers with highly optimized loading plan, help customers to improve the efficiency of production and transportation, and effectively reduce the operating costs of enterprises. LoadMaster can help users to realize the order delivery process predictable, controllable and traceable.

Loading plans designed by LoadMaster can be conveniently shared among customers, sales personnel, supply chain management personnel and on-site operation personnel. Sales personnel can communicate with customers about the appropriate order quantity, quickly provide quoted price, fill the container with cargoes as much as possible, cut the cost for customers and win customer's satisfaction. The supply chain management personnel can arrange the delivery plan more reasonably and transfer vehicles accurately. Under the guidance of loading plan's intuitive 3D images, the on-site operators can increase the loading speed and reduce the damage of cargoes. LoadMaster Cloud Service can help them work together and get through the whole life cycle of an order.

LoadMaster first launched a cloud service of container loading webapp in the industry, which can help you break through the information barrier of freightage between subsidiaries around the world. It runs anywhere and anytime without installation as long as you can access the network. You can share your loading plans with one keystroke, and use mobile terminals such as ipad and mobile phone to display your loading plan. Paperless loading plans can be used to guide the container loading anywhere. Paperless loading guidance, zero printing cost, one-click sharing of packing plans. LoadMaster is based on the basic cloud facilities of Alibaba Cloud and adopts the https secure encryption link standard to ensure the safety and reliability of data transmission. The account pass uses a unique account password system to protect data privacy.

At present, LoadMaster Cloud Service has served 500 pay-by-year subscribers and more than 30,000 trial subscribers.

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