4.10.1 Intermediate Packing Methods

When cargoes are first loaded into pallet/boxes and then loaded into the container, we must define the [Intermediate Packing Methods] of a cargo. The intermediate packing methods include: freely choice of intermediate packaging and designated intermediate packaging, or the cargoes can be directly loaded into the container.

(1) Automatically Choose Intermediate Containers: Cargoes can be placed on any pallets/boxes. You can add commonly used intermediate pallets/boxes to the [intermediate container] page. LoadMaster will choose the most appropriate containers to place cargoes.

(2) Choose an Intermediate Container: the cargo could only be placed on the chosen intermediate pallet/box. To use this method, you need to firstly put the chosen intermediate pallet/box in the container database first. Please see “Container Management” below for more details.

The intermediate packing method can be set in the "Intermediate Packing Method" on the [Cargo] page. When [choose an Intermediate container] is selected, you need to specify the container to be used for the cargo. As shown in the figure:

The intermediate packing method can also be defined in the excel template. The "intermediate loading method" in the template is defined by numbers: "0" stands for “Directional Loaded into the Final Container”; "1" stands for "Automatically Choose Intermediate Containers"; "2" stands for "Choose an Intermediate Container", and you need to fill in the name of the specified container in the "intermediate container" column (to be consistent with the name in the database), as shown below:

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