4.4 Containers

The page for [Container] is mainly used to add the containers needed for loading, and you can also view or edit the container-related information in this page. The page is divided into two parts: the top is the function button, and the bottom is the container list.

1)The upper function buttons include [Add Container], [Import from Database], [Turn on/off Filter], [Delete Selected Containers].

①The function of the [Add Container] button is to directly add the required container. For example, when you choose [Loading Container], you can only add containers; when you choose [Loading Flat Pallet], you can only choose pallets.

② The function of the [Import from Database] button is to import the required containers from the database. The container database has stored the information of commonly used containers, which can be directly imported. After clicking, a dialog box will pop up, check the required ones in the dialog box, then click [add].

③ The function of the [Turn on/off Filter] button is to open or close the filter function.

④ The function of the [Delete Selected Containers] button is to delete the selected containers in batches. Click the box to the left of each container to select the containers, and then click the [Delete Selected Containers] button to delete the selected containers in bulk. Note: Click the box in the upper left corner of the container list can select all the containers in the list.

2)Below is a list of containers that have been added. Click the [+] to the left of the container name to view and edit the relevant parameters of this container. or details, please refer to the “Container Attributes”. On the right side of the container list is the name, remarks, type, cost, and quantity of the container, which can be edited.

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